How Professional Negligence Lawyers Can Help in Property Cases

Cases involving professional negligence that are brought surrounding the purchase of a property is estimated to cost the economy a huge proportion of money. If you are worried that you have been the victim of professional negligence when purchasing a property, you should seek legal advice about the possibility of bringing a professional negligence claim against the professionals in question.

Professional negligence solicitors will be able to look at your case and determine whether there actually was a case of negligence. Issues of professional negligence surrounding the sale and purchase of commercial, residential property can often be quite complicated, especially as the valuation of property investments depend, to a large degree, on the state of the property market – so a drop in the value of your investment property might well be attributable to those market conditions rather than professional negligence.

As it can often be hard to tell which it is, especially if you have no experience in this area, seeking advice from professional negligence solicitors is essential. Reasons you might need to bring a claim against a professional for negligence can include a professional giving you bad investment advice, estate agents negligently overvaluing or undivided properties, as well as others who might have given negligent advice to you the prices of buying the property. This sort of negligence can include professionals such as investment advisors, solicitors, mortgage brokers, consultants and more.

With so many professionals potentially involved, you can see why such cases can often be so complicated and why you will need to seek professional advice if you think you have a claim. When you make a property related professional negligence claim, it is highly likely that you will need to get the advice of independent expert witnesses -perhaps an independent surveyor or valuator. This is because it is a specialized area of law and, while your professional negligence solicitors will be able to deal with the negligence aspect of the case, it might require further advice on issues such as property law or investments in order to back up the case you are making.

Your lawyers will be able to help you when it comes to sourcing independent experts. It is the role of the expert to first look at your case and determine whether there was a case of negligence or whether the loss you have suffered was unavoidable, such as unforeseen problems in the property market. They should also be someone who is able to testify in court if needs are, and so it can help if they have experience of dealing with negligence cases before. This will give your case the best possible chance of succeeding and make sure you have all of the bases covered when bringing a professional negligence claim against someone.