Government boiler scheme, how to participate?

Government Boiler

A major concern today is global warming, that is, the rising temperature rise of the planet due to the lifestyle of modern societies. Burning fossil fuels, increasing numbers of motor vehicles, deforestation of forests are some of the causes of the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. To minimize this problem the UK has created a government boiler scheme, i.e. the government subsidizes the free installation of boilers in homes of low-income families.

But what does global warming have to do with your boiler?

Most boilers use gas or oil to heat homes, but the burning of this material produces carbon dioxide, which increases global warming, and when we use very old boilers the production of carbon dioxide is much greater.

With the advancement of technology boilers have had a very large evolution, with a higher efficiency level and a much lower environmental impact, so the government intends to replace old boilers (more than 8 years old) with newer boilers using biomass and are carbon-free. However, since not all families have the financial conditions to carry out this exchange, the government created a government boiler scheme.

The government boiler scheme forces, energy companies to help low-income families freeze to reduce carbon dioxide production in their homes, each power company has received a demand to meet a number of reduced the emission of pollutants. Each company should allocate a portion of its revenue to the free installation of more efficient boilers.

How do I know if I have the right to participate in the government boiler scheme?

To qualify to receive the new boiler, families need to meet some criteria that prove their inability to buy a new boiler, low-income families must access the site of the government boiler scheme and register, after that company will contact the families to confirm the information provided and to schedule the installation of the new boiler.

If you meet the benefit criteria, and your current boiler is at least 5 years old (without condensation), you may qualify. It’s that simple.

This project foresees the installation of efficient boilers in all residences of the country, reducing to the maximum the production of carbon dioxide and ensuring a sustainable way of heating the homes without harming the environment.

Through the government boiler scheme, owners of many homes and tenants can qualify for free of charge a much more efficient and modern boiler that ensures the heating of homes with a reduction in carbon dioxide production.